A Slum Resident finds $1,400, return the money to owner rather than keeping it

“Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain. “This is what a poverty-stricken man named Joao Rodrigues teaches you.

The Slum Resident named Joao Rodrigues one night was looking for recyclables in the trash, where he found an envelope filled with cash and personal details of the owner onto the envelope. Despite his living conditions, he never thought to keep the money rather he find a payphone to reach the owner and return the envelope.

The Envelope belongs to Bruno Temistocles, who withdrew $1,400 in cash for an upcoming trip to Europe. The money was in Envelope with his personal information written on the front. But 7 year old brother-in-law of the Bruno put the envelope in the trash by mistake.

Since he was on a budget for his trip, Bruno couldn’t afford to give a reward – but he managed to do something better.

“I told a few friends about it and I got Joao a job in a construction field in the neighborhood.”

The slum resident said this was a better reward than cash itself.

But Joao’s fortune didn’t stop with the new job. Today, Gabriel o Pensador, a famous Brazilian singer, had a concert in a nearby city and was touched when he saw the story on TV. So he decided to make a quick fundraiser with his friends and local producers and gathered $3,000. With the cash in hands, he visited the slum and gave Joao the money.

“This man’s character is amazing and I wanted to tell him while looking in his eyes that he deserves this cash”, said the singer.

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