According to a recent study climate change may benefit native oysters

Whereas Climate change poses the greatest threat to the places, species and people’s livelihoods, Some Researchers from the University of California develop a study which shows how oysters expected to fair under climate change in the decades and centuries to come.

The study which published on Oct.10 in the journal Functional Ecology, researchers investigated oysters in the lab and in oyster beds at California’s Tomales Bay and San Francisco Bay. They found that certain components of climate change may actually benefit oysters in California in the long term, provided they have enough food, because they tend to grow faster at warmer temperatures.

Oysters are an iconic California seafood and while the Olympia oyster is the only native oyster on the west coast, it is no longer fished in California. Researchers are also investigating how they may help buffer the effects of sea level rise, contributing to a “living shoreline” that reduces rates of erosion.