Adopted Boy Mows Lawns to Buy Gravestone for Biological Father He Never Met

The 11-year-old boy North Dakota, who was adopted at birth , spent all summer earning money to buy a gravestone for the biological father he never met.

It all began in January, when Brandon began asking Brandy Bakke, Brandon’s adoptive mother,questions about his biological family. Brandy knew Brandon’s biological father’s name was Terrence, though they’d like to keep his last name anonymous. The two began searching for him on Facebook,but couldn’t find any clue .

But in June, they’d tracked down Terrence’s sister, who informed Brandon that his biological dad had passed away the previous year in Chicago and had been buried without anything to mark his grave.

So, he started  mowing lawns for neighbors and strangers to earn money. Once he made enough money, he reached out to Dakota Monument and worked with artists and designers to create a perfect maker to honor his biological father.Dakota Monument decided to donate the gravestone to them for free.


The money Brandy earned will go toward a fund at Dakota Monument to help families who need assistance paying for memorials. A portion of the proceeds that Brandon continues to make from mowing lawns will also go toward the fund.

His mother Brandy told the News that her son plans on continuing to raise money for those without gravestones through snowplowing this winter, and is working with Dakota Monument to help them set up a fund for the effort.