Unsuspecting Mom-To-Be Goes To Hospital For ‘Bad Gas’, Gives Birth.

A 23-year-old women, Ileana Martinez went to Sturdy Memorial Hospital on study for a bad stomachache. But what happened there, just shocked her. She learnt that she was pregnant and about to give birth.

Her sister said they thought it was “bad gas” and had no idea Martinez was eight months pregnant. Hours later, 5 pound, 4 ounces Jaxon St. Pierre was born.

After knowing this a lot of people are offended saying, “’Why didn’t you tell me?’ and I’m, like, I didn’t know,” Martinez said. “I’m in shock. I’m still trying to comprehend this.”

Martinez said she never had morning sickness, or weight gain, and she continued to menstruate.

“I was on every single ride at Six Flags and Canobie Lake Park,” Martinez said. “I had a car accident in April.”

Martinez said she was in the emergency room and was told she wasn’t pregnant.

When his husband came to about the news he thought it was a prank.

“We called him while I was pushing. The nurse had to drag him into the hospital room saying, ‘Yes, it’s a baby, and you need to be there.” Martinez said