Leonardo DiCaprio stars as eco-warrior in climate battle

Climate changes is the biggest and most controversial environmental issue of today’s time and the US is one of the country which contributes the most greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere.

President Barack Obama as made the fight against global warming a priority of both his terms in office. On Monday, Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio was due at the White House Monday to discuss climate change with President Barack Obama before the screening of the actor’s new documentary named “Before the flood”, on the devastating effects of global warming.

It’s an issue of importance to both men. Obama, who appears in the documentary, Before the Flood, is using the last days of his presidency to make environmental protection a central pillar of his legacy.

The meeting will take place as part of a festival on the lawn of the White House on the South by Southwest model, which is held annually in Austin, Texas. It is a wild blend of new technologies, movies and music.

Two years ago, DiCaprio – who has raised money for protecting tigers, orangutans and elephants – was designated a UN messenger of peace, with a special focus on climate change.

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