Pokémon GO Holding First Ever Special Event Soon?


We often see Halloween events pop up in a number of games each year and this years’ event is almost upon us. This year, players have been trying to earn loads of Halloween items in Overwatch, Destiny has its “Festival of the Lost” full of candy and masks, and games like League of Legends always have a few new skins here and there.

Pokémon GO is not an exception. Recently, Niantic teased that the first special event of the hit mobile game may be arriving at the end of the month.

“With Halloween around the corner, we anticipate Trainers may encounter more Pokémon in the real world,” wrote Niantic Labs in the Facebook post. “The AR camera is a great way to capture and share these encounters with your friends!”

Moreover, Niantic head John Hanke said back in September that players can pretty much predict the future by looking into the past.

The popular speculation is that a Pokémon Go could be some unique Pokémon that will spawn on Halloween. Players who capture unique Pokémon can then share their catch with their friends, who can try going to the location where it was caught to try and acquire it for their own.

It is also possible that, during the event, ghost type Pokémon will be everywhere in the world, with players seeing their maps filled with Gastlys, Haunters and Gengars for catching. Niantic Labs can adjust the spawn rate of Pokémon, and it would be very appropriate to see ghost type Pokémon swarming around the neighborhood on Halloween.

All these are mere speculation though. Pokémon trainers will need to wait for Niantic Labs to make an official announcement for a Halloween event to know more details, assuming that there will be such an event.

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