Subsurface Ocean Discovered on Saturn’s Moon Dione

I think of space not as the final frontier but as the next frontier. Not as something to be conquered but to be explored. As Humans explore space more deeply and thoroughly, we’re discovering that lot of stuff out is the sloshing.
According to new data from the Cassini Mission to Saturn, Dione, one of the Saturn’s many moons, is the latest celestial body suspected of harboring a subsurface ocean of water. It also suggests that 62 miles below Dione’s crust is an ocean a few miles deep, submerging a rocky core.
“The contact between the ocean and the rocky core is crucial,” said Attilio Rivoldini, co-author of the study.
“Rock-water interactions provide key nutrients and a source of energy, both being essential ingredients for life,” Rivoldini noted.
If confirmed, this would make Dione the third of Saturn’s moons found to harbor oceans under their surface, joining Titan and Enceladus in that increasingly less-exclusive group. It would also suggest that the subsurface waters have likely persisted throughout the moon’s history, meaning that Dione may be home to a long-term habitable zone for microbial life.